Six Habits of Missional Engagement

Emil Brunner said “The church exists by mission as fire exists by burning.” New Wilmington Mission Conference gets us fired up about God’s mission.  But when we return home, we often lose the fire that was kindled at the conference.  What would it take to rekindle the fire so as to live out God’s mission in your household 365 days a year?

Six Habits of Missional Engagement for Households is a course written by Donald Marsden which will be taught online by Donald and others in 8 sessions of 75-90 minutes each on Wednesdays and Sunday from July 22 through August 16.  Parents (or grandparents) and any others who want to dive more deeply into what being a household that daily lives out the mission is all about should enroll.  Sessions will be led so that children may participate with parents or grandparents if they would like to.  The online sessions will be conducted with live presentations, videos and discussions in interactive groups.  When you enroll, a workbook will be mailed to you at your home address.  The cost for each workbook, with postage is $25.00.


With the heart of a teacher Donald Marsden has spent decades exploring the intersection of discipleship and mission. His insights about families and how God can shape through our closest relationships our call to participate in God’s mission are truly a gift to the church. I highly commend Donald’s class.
Rob Weingartner – The Outreach Foundation

Many of us have learned about Jesus and grown to love him through our parents.  It is a blessing to be nurtured in a family of faith.  Families are also the best place to develop a passion for God’s mission.  Donald Marsden has developed an exciting curriculum, “Six Habits of Missional Engagement”, which guides and encourages families as they grow in serving and loving God.  You can participate in this course online at NWMC.  Register now.
Don Dawson – Former Director, New Wilmington Mission Conference

As followers of Jesus, God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to the world God loves so deeply, and that includes our families.  In the “Six Habits of Missional Engagement for Households,” Donald Marsden offers an engaging, effective, practical tool to help us as families live out our call to be on mission with God.  Don’t miss this opportunity to take the course as part of the NWMC!
Andrew Adair – The Antioch Partners

“The church is a family of families.” Whether a household is two parents with a gaggle of children or a single person with three cats, the family is where many of us initiated our faith journey. Donald Marsden, through years of observation and study of his own family and others, has developed these lessons to help all of us grow our families to live out our faith. I highly recommend this course.
Tom English – Chair of the Board of Managers, New Wilmington Mission Conference

Donald Marsden has long nurtured a vision of how families can participate in God’s mission to the world. His work as an educator, pastor, missionary, publisher, mission mobilizer plus husband-dad-grandfather prepared him to publish this excellent workbook. “Six Habits of Missional Engagement for Households” is perfect for a S.S. class, a parish group or other cluster of families. It’s not just for reading–use it as a workbook and build missional practices into your family’s life. Put it to good use for missional living!
Richard Haney – Frontier Fellowship

What We’re About

In Me and My House in Mission we strive to raise a banner to rally people around the mission of the family and to help families find what they need to move ahead in God’s mission.

God’s Promise for Families

“I will make you as a light for the nations,
    that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”

Isaiah 49:6